The Zero Option

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“Halfway between a Jerry Bruckheimer mega-spectacle and one of those frightfully clever BBC political thrillers. Cleanly done…and sophisticated.”
Owen Richardson, THE AGE.


On September 1, 1983, Korean Air Lines Flight 007 appears to have been shot down by interceptors from the Soviet Union off Sakhalin Island with the loss of 269 passengers and crew. Despite a comprehensive search by the navies of four nations, no wreckage or bodies are recovered. A radar tape recorded at the joint US/Japan listening post at Wakkanai on the northern-most tip of the Japanese island of Hokkaido, that shows exactly what happened to the plane, has gone missing. Twenty eight years later, Roy Garret, former CIA director, Governor of New Mexico and US Presidential hopeful, is desperate to make damn sure that tape never sees the light of day. What follows is a desperate chase across the Siberian snows to uncover the facts. Can two young idealists outwit the forces ranged against them, or will Uncle Sam and the Russian Bear bury the truth once and for all?

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“A ripping yarn that you are sure to enjoy curled up by the fire. Just remember it is a novel and not the truth.” Susan DeLong, BOOKCASE.