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standoff_thumbSometime before dawn, mystery assailants shoot dead 27 people at Horizon Airport, a small general aviation airport in El Paso, Texas. Among them, a USAF airman AWOL from nearby Lackland Air Force Base. It’s this man’s death that brings Special Agent Vin Cooper, OSI, to the scene.

A survivor of the massacre unexpectedly crawls out of the desert with a chilling but incomplete account of events at the airport. And within 24 hours Cooper finds himself undercover, attempting to find gainful employment with the cartels. What follows is a heart-in-the-mouth engagement with some of the worst criminals Cooper has ever encountered and his survival is by no means certain.

What he eventually uncovers is a cunning, blood-thirsty plan to start a war on the US/Mexico border. And, unfortunately, there seems to be nothing he can do to stop it.