Rogue Element

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‘Shrieks across the page like a scramjet and hits home like a small nuke…’
John Birmingham

An explosion on board a 747 plunges Joe Light and his fellow passengers into everyone’s worst nightmare. The aircraft plummets. On board, sheer panic.

Rogue element coverIndonesia claims it doesn’t know where the wreckage is, the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) discovers otherwise. This is no accident. And there are survivors.

Sergeant Tom Wilkes, Australian Special Air Service, gets the call. Extract the survivors, learn the truth. Wilkes leads his team through the Indonesian jungle in a desperate covert battle to avert all-out war.

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‘A thrilling tale told with top speed and with contemporary relevance…exciting stuff!’
Gold Coast Bulliten

‘For a frighteningly real adrenaline rush you can’t go past David A Rollins first novel…’
Maitland Mercury

‘Rollins knows his stuff. The action moves quickly…cranking up the tension as the stakes climb higher.’
Geelong Advertiser

‘This frightening and unpalatable tale is not far removed from the real world. Rogue Element is the best Australian thriller I’ve ever read.’
Manly Daily