A Knife Edge

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…totally gut wrenching. A Knife Edge is yet another completely engrossing thriller by David Rollins. Rollins adopts an engaging style through the wry humour… … one thing is for sure, it’s a wild ride.
Australian Crime Fiction

Knife_Edge_cover-198x300While working on a top-secret research program for the US Department of Defense in the freezing waters off Japan, a scientist turns up dead, eaten by a monster shark.
US Air Force OSI Special Agent Vin Cooper is dispatched to investigate. But Cooper has barely begun when he’s pulled off the case to look into the death of a military buddy killed while making a routine parachute jump.

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Both cases suddenly collide when Cooper finds himself having to leap out of a plane and into the night-time skies of a hostile Pakistan. The mission: to recover stolen US Defense biological technology. The stakes: to prevent a nuclear war between Pakistan and India. The problem: frankly, Cooper would rather die than fly …


Like Tom Clancy, Rollins possesses a remarkable ability to dramatise the technologies or war, both covert and overt.
Weekend Australian

‘…dark humour keeps the action flowing.’
Daily Telegraph

‘Rollins masterfully intertwines the two major plotlines… Let’s see more Vin Cooper, please.’
Good Reading Magazine

‘Rollins [is] in blockbuster form as he merges human nature with today’s headlines.’
Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin