The Lost Second Book

It’s prophetic, right? The legion marches off into the desert never to be seen again, and maybe ends up fighting in China. And then I go and write a trilogy about this lost legion and the second book just, like, disappears…. Wow, it’s a plot for something else entirely, perhaps: author writes novel only to have it swallowed by the mists of time. How can a book just, you know, vanish? Well, maybe it’1489.1s not such a mystery, as much as I’d enjoy beating it up. In fact, I stopped writing BLOOD & EMPIRE two-thirds of the way through. Why? Because I had these incessant, impatient emails from people (possibly you) wanting the next Vin Cooper book. So I put the legion on ice for a spell, benching Rufinius and the Golden Whore and all the rest, and now I’m back to penning Vin’s latest shenanigans. So if you want that second book, the one that details how one of the great empires of antiquity gets swallowed up by China despite the best efforts of Rome’s finest, the follow-on to FIELD OF MARS, best get on that keyboard of yours and let me know, OK? (