STOP PRESS: Detective Charged With Corruption Offenses

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Investigator Joe Gardner. He was the lead detective in the Midnight Rider tragedy, the case where a camera assistant was struck by a freight train on a movie set. The movie’s director, Randall Miller, was charged with criminal trespass and involuntary manslaughter and subsequently pled guilty. Wayne County law enforcement extorted that plea from Miller and for more on that, watch the documentary, “Trial of Midnight Rider: Railroaded in the Deep South”. Meanwhile, though, there has been a development involving Investigator Garner that may well have a significant bearing on this case. Gardner has recently been indicted by a grand jury on two counts of “oath of office” violations. While seemingly insignificant these are, in fact, serious charges. The indictment says Gardner stole two firearms on separate occasions from the Sheriff’s evidence lock up and pawned them for a sum total of US$500.00. In short, Investigator Gardner has been busted with his hand in the cookie jar. And there is a strong suspicion that there have been other cookie jars. In a deposition given by Gardner’s supervisor, Captain Joe Naia, and featured in the documentary, Naia suspected that a sudden Gardner spending spree amounting to tens of thousands of dollars, after Miller took the plea, was highly suspicious. It’s well known that Gardner was perpetually broke. Where did he get the money…? Clearly not from the evidence lockup. But in Jesup, Wayne County, there are other ready sources of significant income available… While it’s true Gardner has not been found guilty, it’s equally true that in Georgia, 98% of people convicted of a crime are indeed inevitably found guilty. It’s also worth noting that the prosecutor bringing the indictment the grand jury was Will Ivey, a prosecutor for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, a much bigger fish than Wayne Country law enforcement, the regime in which Gardner oversaw and investigated countless cases in his 30-something-year career. Here’s the thing. You are not occasionally corrupt. It’s like being a virgin. You either are or you aren’t. There was a lot riding on Miller’s case. There was the local landholder Rayonier on whose property this tragedy happened. There was CSX, the railroad company whose train struck and killed Sarah Jones. There was the union that supplies untrained “work to rule” labour to the billion-dollar Georgia film industry. And there was the Lead Investigator Gardner, right in the middle of it all, ignoring jurisdiction, not interviewing key witnesses, selectively ignoring key evidence, feigning ignorance of the law of discovery, and all while spending thousands and thousands of highly questionable dollars. Watch this short except from the documentary: And if you believe, as I do, that this case needs to be given a serious review by untainted law enforcement, send GBI prosecutor Will Ivey a short email and tell him so: And while you’re at it, let Wayne County know you’re making some noise by copying Wayne County Assistant District Attorney Rocky Bridges in on your email: Your email could be the straw that breaks this camel’s back and sees some real justice handed out. Trial of Midnight...

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KINGDOM COME signed copies

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I’ve decided to do this, but I don’t think there’ll be many takers because it gets pricey. It works like this: I buy the book, have it delivered to me (postage), sign it, then take it up to the post office and, well, post it to you. There ain’t a lot of magic in this, folks. So, if you live in Australia, the printed book arriving at your chosen address will cost around AUS$50, at least $10 of which will be postage (to you) and $30 will be the actual cost of the book (in Australia, the large format trade paperback will retail online for $30). If you live elsewhere on the planet, let’s say North America or the UK, you’ll be looking at around US$56 for a signed copy delivered to your door. The additional cost is simply that postage from Australia to the US costs more. Signed first edition copies in the States (Nelson Demille, for example) retail for around US$36, plus postage, so please don’t think I’m gouging. Payment will be via PayPal. So if you’re interested, email me at and I’ll take it from there. And I nearly forgot…allow 3-4 weeks for postage (two lots of postage don’t...

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Cooper, now posting on Instagram

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My buddy, Major Vin Cooper, late of the USAF OSI, is currently in Syria (I think…he won’t confirm in as many words) and posting daily on Instagram, when circumstances permit. I gather the posts are vaguely relevant to a novel I have written, titled, KINGDOM COME, which is set in Syria, among other places. So, if you’re interested, catch up with Vin on Instagram @vincooper04....

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Kingdom Come has come

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  KINGDOM COME, the 7th book in the Vin Cooper series, is now available. This is Cooper’s most controversial, brutal, and darkly humored outing yet. The Russian president is missing in Syria, the US president is tweeting and playing golf, and meanwhile the dead appear to be rising from their graves, the End of Days pr ophesized in the Koran apparently coming to pass. If you’ve never read a Vin Cooper book, this is a great place to s tart. And if you’re a Cooper fan, I promise you this one has been worth the wait. Available in trade paperback and ebook from a host of the usual suspects corralled...

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TRIAL OF MIDNIGHT RIDER overview and evidence

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A freight train runs through a film set. A camera assistant is killed and the director held responsible and jailed. But that’s far from the whole story which focuses on a corrupt little town in south Georgia, United States.

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War Lord, Kindle Edition

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Some people in the US have found it impossible obtaining a copy of WAR LORD in Kindle. And it’s particularly in my case because my books are published officially in both the UK and Australia, but not currently in the US (which has created a bit of a hole).

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