Rogue Element

Sword of Allah

The Death Trust

A Knife Edge

Hard Rain cover


I have four books published to date, and one due for release shortly.

The first, Rogue Element, was published first in 2002. It took on the touchy relationship (as I see it) between Australia and Indonesia.

Sword of Allah followed a year later, and largely took place in the Middle East.

These two books followed the adventures of an Australian SAS Warrant Officer by the name of Tom Wilkes.

The Death Trust was the first in the OSI Special Agent Vin Cooper series and was published in Australia/New Zealand 2005.

A Knife Edge, the second Vin Cooper, hit the stands in Australia/New Zealand in 2006.

Hard Rain is the third Vin Cooper novel. Available in Australia and New Zealand July 2008.

The Zero Option is a story based on the shooting down of Korean Air Lines Flight 007, a 747 with 269 passengers and crew, off Sakhalin Island by the Soviet Union in 1983.