Will the real Vin Cooper please stand up?

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I know some of you will find this hard to believe, but there is a real Vin Cooper. Okay, so there are several billion people on the planet and there’s bound to be a few of them kicking around. But this Vin Cooper is also Special Agent in the OSI.

Yeah, utterly freakish, right? In fact, my entire universe tipped on its side and a couple of galaxies rolled off the edge when I found out.

The real Vin Cooper contacted me over Facebook. He told me that a buddy had given him one of the books. He reckons he read it mostly with his jaw hanging open on account of, he says, well, that I’ve basically written about him.

So I thought it might be interesting to compare the two. See if you can guess which one’s the genuine article.

 The Real Vin Cooper?  The Real Vin Cooper?
Hair color? Brown Sandy
Eye color? Green Green
Height? 5’ 9” 6’1”
Weight? 175 lbs 215lbs
Married? Married. No, thanks.
Favorite drink? Crown Royal, Jack Daniels, and Johnnie Walker. Single malt when available (Glen Keith), or bourbon whisky (JD or Maker’s) when it’s not.
How do you take your coffee? Strong with two lumps. Strong, black.
Favorite people? Amy (my wife), Devin (my daughter), and a select few. Ones that wear (short) skirts.
Least favorite people? Most reality TV stars. Divorce lawyers (my ex’s).
Religion? Not religious. Anything that serves wine and bread can’t be all bad. Though some cheese would be a welcome addition.
Your idea of a great first date? One my wife approves of. I prefer the old dinner and a movie date. I don’t like to have many distractions when I’m trying to get to know someone. She survives.
Are you funny? I think the character Vin is funny. We both crack jokes at the worst possible moments and we are both sharp witted, though I’m quicker-witted than Vin is. I’m into fast one liners, whereas Vin’s is more of a joke approach. My humor’s probably more offensive than Vin’s. Are you kidding?