Cooper to become a movie star

Posted by on Jul 22, 2012 in Blog, News | Comments Off on Cooper to become a movie star

Yes, you just know Cooper will be insufferable about this, but it looks ever more likely.

The guy who ran FOX Films when it made its best movies – Fight Club, Titanic and X-Men to name a few – now has his own Hollywood studio. He also now has the option on all the Vin Cooper books.

The financing is almost finalized, the studio guy has his eye on a top screen writer, and a secret package of whipped cream, walnuts and a three-foot length of garden hose have been ordered for one of the stars. We’re almost ready to roll here.

The first movie looks like it’ll be based on GHOST WATCH. And hopefully it’ll be set in the Congo and not a Hollywood palm nursery.

The stumbling block is who’ll play Cooper. So, people, any suggestions other than Brad Cooper, Gerard Butler, Colin Farrell and Sam Worthington?