Coming Soon: Standoff (Special Agent Vin Cooper, book #6).

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Just before dawn, two low-flying blacked-out aircraft land at Horizon Airport, El Paso, Texas. A team of killers disperses from one of the aircraft and murders everyone in the vicinity – 27 people. Unseen by any witnesses, a cargo of cocaine worth $30 million is unloaded from the second aircraft and spirited away.

One of the victims is a man AWOL from the USAF. And it’s his death that brings Cooper to the airport.

Another of the deceased, a beautiful local woman, has been horribly mutilated post mortem.

The chief suspect is a notorious former Mexican special forces soldier, now working freelance for the cartels, whose modus operandi is to flay his victims alive.

Cooper goes undercover to locate him and heads for Central America and, ultimately, into the world of a ruthless Mexican drug baron. In the company of such evil, Cooper must become like the evil around him or have his true allegiance revealed. With his humanity hanging by a thread, it’s only then that uncovers the drug baron’s mad plan: to lead a Poncho Villa-style attack against a Texas border city…and thus touch off a full scale US-Mexican war.