KINGDOM COME – the back page blurb

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Special Agent Vin Cooper, Book VII

The President’s chopper goes down over Syria. Extremists parade him on the Internet, battered and bruised but alive. They also have the man who carries the briefcase that contains the presidential authorisation codes to  launch  thermonuclear ICBMs. And those missiles are still targeting US cities.

That’s because it’s the Russian President who has been captured.

There is one small glimmer of hope – a US Air Force Special Operations Combat Controller on a remote hilltop who called in the crash. Trouble is, he hasn’t been heard from since. Former OSI Special Agent Vin Cooper, is having problems of his own, namely a whole platoon of Chechens and Arabs on his tail determined to bury him and his team.

And then Cooper stumbles upon two survivors from the chopper crash – a burnt out Spetsnaz drunk and a beautiful corporal who’d be more at home on the end of a tube of mascara than a rifle barrel. It’s only then that he hears who has been captured and that the “end of the days” is nigh.


Meanwhile, make sure you read the sample chapter.