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A Knife Edge

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…totally gut wrenching. A Knife Edge is yet another completely engrossing thriller by David Rollins. Rollins adopts an engaging style through the wry humour… … one thing is for sure, it’s a wild ride. Australian Crime Fiction While working on a top-secret research program for the US Department of Defense in the freezing waters off Japan, a scientist turns up dead, eaten by a monster shark. US Air Force OSI Special Agent Vin Cooper is dispatched to investigate. But Cooper has barely begun when he’s pulled off the case to look into the death of a military buddy killed while making a routine parachute jump. Download a sample chapter of A Knife Edge Both cases suddenly collide when Cooper finds himself having to leap out of a plane and into the night-time skies of a hostile Pakistan. The mission: to recover stolen US Defense biological technology. The stakes: to prevent a nuclear war between Pakistan and India. The problem: frankly, Cooper would rather die than fly … REVIEWS Like Tom Clancy, Rollins possesses a remarkable ability to dramatise the technologies or war, both covert and overt. Weekend Australian ‘…dark humour keeps the action flowing.’ Daily Telegraph ‘Rollins masterfully intertwines the two major plotlines… Let’s see more Vin Cooper, please.’ Good Reading Magazine ‘Rollins [is] in blockbuster form as he merges human nature with today’s headlines.’ Weekend Gold Coast...

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The Death Trust

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Conspiracy aficionados are going to love Australian author Rollins’s thriller…the book is a white-knuckle read on a par with anything that James Patterson or Nelson DeMille might offer. Highly recommended for popular fiction collections. Library Journal OSI Special Agent Vin Cooper is the kind of loose cannon no commanding officer can completely control…or survive without. Scarred by battle and a recent, messy divorce, Cooper is reluctantly paired with Special Agent Anna Masters at the scene of a suspicious glider crash at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, that has killed the base commanding officer, a four-star General. There they uncover a trail of inexplicable ‘accidental’ deaths that leads from the war-torn streets of Baghdad to sex slavery in Latvia and a marriage that began in the White House and disintegrated into bitterness and acrimony. And with every step they take, Cooper and Masters come closer to the shocking truth about the biggest and most murderous lie of all. Download a sample chapter of The Death Trust Starred Review Conspiracy aficionados are going to love Australian author Rollins’s thriller, his third novel but the first to be released in the United States. It’s a real page-turner pitting OSI investigator Maj. Vincent (Vin) Cooper against shadowy forces that kill anyone who gets in the way. Investigating the accidental death of Gen. Abraham Scott, the son-in-law of the Vice President of the United States, leads Vin to a bloody ambush in Baghdad, a sex club in Riga, Latvia, and ultimately the Vice President’s parlor in Washington, DC. Sure, the book is a white-knuckle read on a par with anything that James Patterson or Nelson DeMille might offer, but the insights into what drives world politics (for example, the war in Iraq) are so plausible and well thought out that the reader may come away with a feeling that it’s all real—only the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Highly recommended for popular fiction collections. —Ken St. Andre, Phoenix P.L. Reviews ‘…action packed saga of power (and) corruption… ‘If you like a sprawling political thriller bestseller that feels like a cross between Raymond Chandler and Robert Ludlum then you should feel right at home…’ Daily Telegraph ‘Rollins’ first novel, published to deserved acclaim in Australia… Rollins sneaks up on the story, takes it nice and slow, as though he is writing a police procedural rather than a thriller. Definitely a few cuts above most political-conspiracy yarns.’ Booklist ‘…slick military thriller… everything moves so fast and frighteningly, and Cooper is so likable…’ Kirkus ‘…Rollins’ punchy, Chandleresque narrative allows him to show off his wit, which is considerable… Rollins knows how to tell a story. He has an easy writing style and a good knack for dialogue. Take this one to the beach and you’ll leave with sunburn’ Sydney Morning Herald ‘The adrenaline overflows in this exciting thriller. In a word: suspenseful’ Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin ‘A thumping good page-turner with an excellent global conspiracy to uncover…non-stop action, dark military secrets, and all told with a wicked Runyonesque sense of humour…Essential reading for any plane flight. Highly recommended. Sun Herald ‘Rollins has created a rollicking military drama with strong characters and ambitions beyond the usual suspenser’ Alpha Magazine ‘This is a fun read – the wry humour really helps to lighten some of the darker moments’ Good Reading ‘…a fast-paced thriller’ Manly Daily ‘In a word: entertaining’ Herald Sun ‘The Death Trust is an intelligent, full-blooded action thriller’ The Age ‘The conspiracies – and bodies – pile up alarmingly in this rollicking yarn with serious undertones’ Adelaide Advertiser ‘It’s a rollicking ride’ The Sun Herald ‘David...

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Sword of Allah

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‘…lots of past-paced action…but with the chilling ring of truth.’ Sunday Telegraph ‘…a fast-paced plot…captures well the fears and prejudices that prevail…’ Daily Telegraph In Papua New Guinea, villagers are armed with AK-47s. In the Persian Gulf, a fishing trawler has a suspicious cargo. At a luxury hotel in Manila, a ‘financial planner’ has a rendezvous with men on the world’s Most Wanted list. And in Canberra, top intelligence and police specialists assemble to find out why international terrorists are joining forces in Australia’s back yard. Present is Sergeant Tom Wilkes of the Australian SAS who is seconded to the CIA where he spearheads the action team set up to fight the latest extremist threat. It is a plan more monstrous than anyone – even the experts – could have foretold. Download a sample chapter of Sword of Allah Reviews ‘…pacey and packed with action and firepower. If you are a fan of this genre, you won’t be disappointed.’ Brisbane News ‘…satisfying complex and, like all good thrillers, comes with a few snappy hair-pins in the plot to keep you guessing.’ Adelaide...

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Rogue Element

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‘Shrieks across the page like a scramjet and hits home like a small nuke…’ John Birmingham An explosion on board a 747 plunges Joe Light and his fellow passengers into everyone’s worst nightmare. The aircraft plummets. On board, sheer panic. Indonesia claims it doesn’t know where the wreckage is, the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) discovers otherwise. This is no accident. And there are survivors. Sergeant Tom Wilkes, Australian Special Air Service, gets the call. Extract the survivors, learn the truth. Wilkes leads his team through the Indonesian jungle in a desperate covert battle to avert all-out war. Download a sample chapter of Rogue Element Reviews ‘A thrilling tale told with top speed and with contemporary relevance…exciting stuff!’ Gold Coast Bulliten ‘For a frighteningly real adrenaline rush you can’t go past David A Rollins first novel…’ Maitland Mercury ‘Rollins knows his stuff. The action moves quickly…cranking up the tension as the stakes climb higher.’ Geelong Advertiser ‘This frightening and unpalatable tale is not far removed from the real world. Rogue Element is the best Australian thriller I’ve ever read.’ Manly...

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