Field of Mars

War Lord

warlord_coverVin Cooper is hunting for a kidnap victim. The CIA is hunting for a missing nuclear bomb.
Special Agent Vin Cooper has just returned from an off-books mission in the Congo. Now he’s caught up in something even more dangerous. An ex-airforce colleague has been kidnapped. His severed hand, buried in a KFC bucket with a demand for five million dollars, has found its way to Cooper’s door – and he has just 21 days to pay.War Lord cover
Tracking the missing man’s movements from a topless revue in Vegas, to the shark-infested Pacific, the favelas of Brazil and finally to the pirate-patrolled waters off Somalia, Cooper discovers his ex-colleague is now an undercover agent working with a vicious Colombian arms dealer. Meanwhile, the CIA are searching for a stolen thermonuclear device. Suddenly, Cooper’s quest to find his friend becomes a journey to the heart of a chilling conspiracy. A journey that Cooper might not survive…

Ghost Watch

ghost_watch_coverSpecial Agent Vin Cooper is feeling reckless, so he volunteers for the dumbest and most dangerous job going: personal security operations in Afghanistan protecting bent politicians. But when his principal is killed in a suicide bomb attack, Cooper is reassigned to a cushy job nursing a couple of needy African-American entertainers putting on a show for US military advisors at a secret base in Rwanda.

Or so he thinks.

Things go horribly wrong when their United Nations chopper is forced down in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the middle of an all out firefight by opposing forces. The nightmare only intensifies when some of Cooper’s people, including one of the entertainers, are captured.

While risking his life to rescue his principals, Cooper spies a US DoD advisor in the enemy encampment, which is awash with American weaponry. It seems that their forced landing in this inhospitable place was no accident.


“Punchy… fun, action packed…fast paced.”
Four stars. Bookseller & Publisher.

“A gripping tale… tense… a frantic read.”
Four Stars. Good Reading.

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War Lord, Kindle Edition

Some people in the US have found it impossible obtaining a copy of WAR LORD in Kindle. And it’s particularly in my case because my books are published officially in both the UK and Australia, but not currently in the US (which has created a bit of a hole).

Meet the sig

The Sig Sauer 226 is the standard weapon of the AFOSI (Cooper’s unit). It’s weighty at 34 ounces when loaded with 13 rounds of 9mm ball (12 in the mag and one in the chamber), but Cooper likes it because the weight of it reminds him of the Colt .45, his favourite handgun.

You don’t mess with a Ranger

The Texas Rangers is a 144-man team that represents the pinnacle of Texas Law enforcement. “You don’t mess with a Ranger” was something I heard time and again when I was in Texas recently, researching STANDOFF (2012).

Coming Soon: Standoff (Special Agent Vin Cooper, book #6).

Just before dawn, two low-flying blacked-out aircraft land at Horizon Airport, El Paso, Texas. A team of killers disperses from one of the aircraft and murders everyone in the vicinity – 27 people. Unseen by any witnesses, a cargo of cocaine worth $30 million is unloaded from the second aircraft and spirited away…

Don’t leave home without one

Hanging out with US Army, Air Force, Navy or law enforcement types can get very expensive if you don’t have one of these in your pocket. They’re bar coins. If you’re at a bar and someone produces their unit bar coin and you can’t match it with one of your own, the drinks are on you, sucker.

Will the real Vin Cooper please stand up?

I know some of you will find this hard to believe, but there is a real Vin Cooper. Okay, so there are several billion people on the planet and there’s bound to be a few of them kicking around. But this Vin Cooper is also Special Agent in the OSI.

Cooper to become a movie star

Yes, you just know Cooper will be insufferable about this, but it looks ever more likely. The guy who ran FOX Films when it made its best movies – Fight Club, Titanic and X-Men to name a few – now has his own Hollywood studio. He also now has the option on all the Vin Cooper books.

The Desk Jockey’s Ride

I get asked quite a bit where I do my work. The wiseass answer is in my head. But this is where I hang out most days. This desk take up a big chunk of my bedroom, so I don’t lose much time on my daily commute.